Introducing the world of "Taupe" -- Daiwabo's unique fabric line so popular with Japanese quilters. Taupe has gained its ardent following because of its subtle use of color and innovative cloth design.

 prodused by JUNKO MATSUDA

Daiwabo Taupe will join International Quilt Market in Houston (Sep,10, 2012)
Taupe Fabric
 Last Updated: 4/9/2017
Taupe Prints
In Japan, Daiwabo is known for the antique look of its prints that is realized by delicately
mingling colors. The Taupe's prints take their inspiration from nature --
with a twist.Stylized plant and leaf motifs, reinterpreted from antique designs from the
1870s to the turn of the 20th century, feature muted hues that gracefully change to blend
with two or more color families. For instance, Taupe's smoky pink that lends itself to
either the gray or the rose palette. It is Daiwabo's proprietary coloration technique that
allows quilters to create more freely -- without being limited to a single color palette.
Daiwabo prides itself on the hand and texture of its Taupe yarn-dyed wovens.The delicate
graduation of shades in the dyed yarn build complex and elegant hues.
Daiwabo carefully selects the yarn colors to weave patterns dimensionally.Quilters enjoy
using these serene designs in lieu of solid patterns, to capture the transition of color in
their work. The result -- a fresh surface interest effect that cannot be duplicated with
other fabric lines.
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